Way to 2011…..Happy New Year

IIM’s High Salary – Selling Trick for Common Man

Silicon India Reports: IIMs High Salary: The true story has a twist. Bangalore: As 2010 placement session of all the seven IIMs draws to close, it is being witnessed that the role offered to these graduates are more or less traditional and the salary packages are different than the packages which were making the buzz.Following… Continue reading IIM’s High Salary – Selling Trick for Common Man

Management Education…The Brand Dilution & the way forward

Lately there is been lot of confusion in aspiring students related to management education. The privatization of education in our country and the popularity of management education with media creating hype about the kind of salaries being offered to the IIM graduates have led to a deformation to the image of an MBA course. Over… Continue reading Management Education…The Brand Dilution & the way forward

Indian Retail Scenario & Formats!

Retailing is booming. Really! The Attrition rate in retail is comparatively high in retail than as compared to the other employment options in the industry. What is the entire concept like? What is the manufacturer’s perspective in retail? Why is special about Walmart’s Retail mix? What are private labels? How does value addition happens in… Continue reading Indian Retail Scenario & Formats!


          Haan! Eh Sach Hai Ki Main Bharat Nu Murr ‘Soney Di Chirri’ Baneya Dekhna Nahin Chahunda. Kyuki Main Nahin Chahunda Ki Koi Vi Afghan Ya Firangi Aave, Te Sone Di Is Chirri De Khamb Noche Ke Aapne Pinjrey ‘ch Qaid Ker Lavey. Main Ta Bharat Nu ‘Kalghidhar Patshah’ De Baaz… Continue reading Sapna