Programs offered

Collating all my works is an interesting task at hand. And this will take time to be put in best shape. Nevertheless, here is a glimpse

Product & Sales Training

Having worked in the Insurance sector, I am very well versed with the product training and sales motivation. This is one task which is challenging and interesting at the same time.
Heads Covered: TTT, TNA, Product Knowledge, Sales Training, Counselling

Retail Skill & Customer Service

Working with people is fun and grooming them to be better professionals is more fun. I have loved working into the retail sector so far. Every brand, its products and the project itself is a learning experience for me.
Heads Covered: Product Training, Brand knowledge, Retail Operations, Customer Service

Counselor Training

This is a new and important. It deals with education, aspiration and dreams. Plus the products here involve lot of money. It is very important that the education counselor and well trained, they know the target and help them understand the benefits of a program offered and its value for money.

Employee Training

This involves employee empowerment by working on their soft-skills, management skills and life-skill development. Here I offer Learning model through Corporate Retreats, Weekend Sessions. In few workshops we can even invite the families of the employees too.

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