Investing at an Early Age

I was about to leave office when a junior colleague came to me seeking help in financial planning. Though I was in a little hurry I couldn’t stop myself helping him with my suggestions pertaining to financial planning. I am in my mid 30’s and now sometimes I think I should have started financial planning… Continue reading Investing at an Early Age

Investment Avenues

In my last post ‘Compounding- The 8th Wonder’, I had shared how small investments can give you wonderful returns. In this post I’ll share what are different investment avenues available for you to invest your money. There are two types of avenues available for investment, Financial and Non Financial. The Financial avenues of investment can… Continue reading Investment Avenues

Compounding- The 8th Wonder

Once there was a king who was very kind. He was renowned for keeping his words and helping the scholars for their wisdom and knowledge. There was a poor poet who came to know about his generosity and came to meet him. He had written a poem which had very high literary quality. The King… Continue reading Compounding- The 8th Wonder

Coaching Sales Force

There is an old saying which says, “Give a man fish and you will feed him for one day; teach him to catch fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.” Performance of the sales team is of utmost importance to all the companies as sales is the driving force behind all the activities… Continue reading Coaching Sales Force

Networking – A Skill of Winners!

We all have played Mario then Super Mario – the amazing video game. In my case, the center offered many games likes Contra, Spartan, Car Racer etc. but I always liked a game called, ‘Super Mario’. I liked its sound, powers, jumps and lot many things in the game. However I never wished my Super… Continue reading Networking – A Skill of Winners!