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Creativity and Innovation

Let me take you back to the age old story of ‘Thirsty Crow’. Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He went here and there in search of water. At last he saw a water pot. He looked inside the pot. There was very little water inside the pot. The crow saw some

Networking A Skill of Winners!

We all have played Mario then Super Mario – the amazing video game. In my case, the center offered many games likes Contra, Spartan, Car Racer etc. but I always liked a game called, ‘Super Mario’. I liked its sound, powers, jumps and lot many things in the game. However I never wished my Super

Way to 2011…..Happy New Year

IIMs High Salary

Silicon India Reports: IIMs High Salary: The true story has a twist. Bangalore: As 2010 placement session of all the seven IIMs draws to close, it is being witnessed that the role offered to these graduates are more or less traditional and the salary packages are different than the packages which were making the buzz.Following

Indian Education System

A lot is been said & discussed on the Indian education system after the very popular 3 idiots. But my post certainly is not around just the concerns raised about the pressure created over the students by the best of internationally renowned institutions. Recently, 44 deemed universities have been de-recognized and the newspapers say, almost

Self Empowerment

I have been wondering since few days about Self Empowerment. And I have lately realized that it is critically important to be self empowered. In fact, self empowerment should be practiced as a way of life. A job, a business, a lecture, a movie, a shopping spree, an outing, a meeting everything needs self interests

Visualization for Presenters

              Articulation is technique and talent. Some possess it by birth and others develop it through practice. PowerPoint is an important tool and it is the first impression and of course the last one too. Visualization for Presenters. Yes, that’s the technique to keeping your audience from getting bored

Management Education

Lately there is been lot of confusion in aspiring students related to management education. The privatization of education in our country and the popularity of management education with media creating hype about the kind of salaries being offered to the IIM graduates have led to a deformation to the image of an MBA course. Over

Teaching is a classroom affair. Training doesn’t necessarily be conducted in the classroom. Teaching enhances knowledge. Training is about knowledge & skills. Teaching is imparting. Training is sharing & exploring. Teaching is facilitated with books. Training is an art of explanation. Teacher prepares a chapter. Trainer prepares content & himself. Teaching requires subject preparation. Training

Indian Retail Scenario

Indian Retail Scenario & Formats!

Retailing is booming. Really! The Attrition rate in retail is comparatively high in retail than as compared to the other employment options in the industry. What is the entire concept like? What is the manufacturer’s perspective in retail? Why is special about Walmart’s Retail mix? What are private labels? How does value addition happens in

My First Step to Corporate Trainings

My first post on trainings was this one….on my marketing blog so I thought this shall be at the first place on my Trainings blog as well. More updates will follow soon…. Trainings – A First Hand Experience Last week I got an opportunity through Yajnaa, to design and deliver a workshop at Ambuja Cements.

The Little Angel

The Little Angel

Do you believe in angels? Have you ever seen an angel? I never believed till the time I didn’t meet a Little Angel. I was very young when I started learning to ride bicycle. I was quick to learn and just after a couple of practice sessions I was able to ride on my own.