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Journey to Excellence

Have you ever wondered what is the definition of Best? What is definition of Excellence? What is the definition of Perfection? Here is a small story which helped me to explore the meaning of The Best, Excellence and Perfection. In ancient Rome, slavery was very common. Romans had a very large number of Slaves. The

You.. the God!

Have you ever wondered why do people take birth? What makes them take birth? They have friends, relatives, companions. Who is God’s companion? Here is a small story, I was told in my childhood and the lesson to be learnt. As they say God is one. He is perfect and is the supreme power. Because

Investment Avenues

In my last post ‘Compounding- The 8th Wonder’, I had shared how small investments can give you wonderful returns. In this post I’ll share what are different investment avenues available for investing the money. There are two types of avenues available for investment, Financial and Non Financial. The Financial avenues of investment can broadly be

Compounding- The 8th Wonder

Once there was a king who was very kind. He was renowned for keeping his words and helping the scholars for their wisdom and knowledge. There was a poor poet who came to know about his generosity and came to meet him. He had written a poem which had very high literary quality. The King

Training Effectiveness

When I started my career as a sales representative my first training was like some crash course of IIT JEE or for a PMT test. Trainer will come he will make you understand all the medical and marketing aspects for the product; he will ensure that you are able to spell out every complex molecule

These days when the entire nation is witnessing the vote bank politics. All we listen in the television news is about polls, the 49% women voters, the youth making choices and the country demanding a change – the positive one! On one such day, there was a debate on television where 2 panelists argued on

Little things matter the Most!

During the beginning of a training session I asked my trainees to give their introductions and also additionally they were told to tell the name of an animal they like the most and explain the reason for their liking. When everyone finished, trainees asked me about the animal I like the most. I told them

Ashta Siddhi- 8 Divine Powers

I love to read Hindu mythology and try to learn the meaning of each and every story or verse. I am reading Hanuman Chalisha in morning prayers since my childhood days. I always believed that I know the meaning of all the verses of Hanuman Chalisa. Few days back while I was praying I stopped

We have covered the details on ingredients of a good story and how to prepare for storytelling. To follow such steps, we need to know first, where to find the right story? That is the Part- I of this post and afterwards we will discuss about the Do’s and Don’ts of storytelling. Stories are everywhere

Here we are with the 3rd post in our Storytelling series. We now know about the art of storytelling and what shall go in the preparation of a good storytelling session. Now that we are prepared, we must understand the characteristics of a Good Story, characteristics of Storytelling and the characteristics of a good Storyteller.

Story telling is not just reading out a story. It’s a serious business. The way you tell a story can win or lose a battle for you as a speaker. Before you tell a story you need to work on the guidelines of storytelling. So here are the 10 Tips to make your Story-telling session,

I am sure when you saw this blog title; you were quickly thinking about your childhood stories. The favorites, the inspiring and those which always helped you fell asleep. The bed time stories, the lesson driven stories and those which inspired us and instilled values which are still with us. Stories are amazing, they are