I my last post on ‘The Art of Co-Facilitation’ I talked about Co-Facilitation, its types, advantages and potential disadvantages. In this post I’ll share some tips for an awesome Co-Facilitation. A co-facilitation program is very different than conducting a solo program as a lot of planning and

The Art of Co-Facilitation

  I have been a trainer and facilitator for last 11+ years and have conducted a number of training programs successfully. Recently I got an opportunity to co-facilitate a Leadership training program with my colleague Mr. Kunal Chakrabarti wherein he was the lead trainer and I was second in command. This was my first ever

                        In order to survive and cope up with new challenges in the market place, at some point in its life time, almost every business goes through a very tedious task of change under various names like restructuring, rightsizing, reengineering, turnarounds etc. History shows

                                Let me begin with the fact that I have been a reader in the past and then I was just busy like all of us and then I renewed by friendship with books again. On a serious note, I

Today’s the fourth day of Diwali festival and Hindu’s across the world celebrate this day by performing Govardhan Puja. In this post I’ll share the story of Govardhan Puja and one more story from our Puranas and my take on Govardhan Puja Story 1: Krishna was playing with his friends when he saw villagers of

What was your last training program? Did you have fun? Remember the take away? I am really happy if you do but after having met and spoken to several connections in the industry, I am afraid that we do not remember much of the take away. Reason, is simple – the industry is facing a

Developing Ownership

Business Ownership is a looked upon personality trait for leaders, team builders and those who are managing people as a resource. Taking ownership about things is a human trait. But taking ownership of situations, circumstances and people doesn’t comes easy. A number of business managers complaint about the lack of ownership among the team members.

Have you ever wondered what those little things which make you happy are? Following is list of those little things which make me happy Waking Up Early Without Alarm: You know you have more time to finish things. Cuddling In The Bed: It feels great to cuddle in the bed waiting for the bed tea.

A number of Sales Managers complain that their sales teams don’t meet their monthly sales targets and this issue can be addressed by conducting a product training or a selling skills workshop. And they want this training program to be conducted as soon as possible so that their teams start performing and achieving their targets.

It was around 7:40 pm when my wife told me about demise of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I thought she must have seen the picture circulating on various social media wherein Jharkahnd Education Minister paid floral tribute to Dr. Kalam thinking he’s no more and I ignored the news. I was having dinner when I

How to Wake Up Early?

There’s one common trait found in all successful people world over- they all are early risers and they start their day when most of others are still sleeping in their beds. Rising early is amongst the most important lessons I learnt from my parents (Click here to read). We are living in an era where

A Thought Well Provoked!

Last week I conducted a training program for IDBI Bank at New Delhi. It was a three days training program and everything went as per the plan and all my trainees were happy. Post session a couple of trainees wanted to talk to me regarding their future plans and seek some help on how can