Visualization for Presenters – A Healthy Articulation Tip

Articulation is technique and talent. Some possess it by birth and others develop it through practice. PowerPoint is an important tool and it is the first impression and of course the last one too.

Visualization for Presenters. Yes, that’s the technique to keeping your audience from getting bored & sleepy. Many a times, the classroom listeners agree to be sleepy with eyes wide open during the sessions. Remember, shabby decoration is a failure.

Images should be logical. They shall not go out of context. One must try to keep the logic intact.

Humor in between the slides mainly between topics is a good idea. It provokes interaction. Trick is to keep the relevance in topic and humor.

You can replace text with images. Make sure they don’t go just out of context. Like they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Studies have proven, human brain grasps more through images then through words.

Visualize statistics (facts & figures) through visualizing modes like Tables, Pie-charts, labels, numbers etc.

Keep adding more of inputs you use & appreciate in a presenter!