The Little Things Which Make Me Happy

Have you ever wondered what those little things which make you happy are? Following is list of those little things which make me happy

  1. Waking Up Early Without Alarm: You know you have more time to finish things.
  2. Cuddling In The Bed: It feels great to cuddle in the bed waiting for the bed tea.
  3. Going for a Walk: You enjoy the beauty of the nature. Watching the sun rise and watching the birds going out of their nests fills you with joy.
  4. Deep Breathing: A 5-10 minutes of deep breathing fills you with positive energy.
  5. Touching the Feet of Parents: It’s a way of thank your parents for raising you well. Their blessings can make miracles happen.
  6. Smile by a Stranger: Smile breaks the barriers and you may get a friend for life. Give one and you may one.
  7. Playing with Kids: Reminds us of those golden days when we were kids.
  8. Aaloo Prantha with White Butter and Lassi: Nothing can be more delicious than Aaloo Prantha with white butter and a glass of lassi. Mouth watering and keeps you going for the day.
  9. Listening Stories From Elders: Elders love to tell their stories and these stories are full with their life experiences and can help you understand life easily.
  10. A Tight Hug From Your Little Ones: That’s what I call, “Unconditional Love.”
  11. To See Kids Smiling While Sleeping: What else could be happiness than watching kids smiling while they are sleeping?
  12. A Small Change in Your Routine: Makes you more exciting and try something new.
  13. Less Traffic on Roads: Heavenly feeling if you are a Delhite. And if you get all signal lights green then.. (No words can describe that feeling)
  14. Reaching Office Early: That head start which counts at the last.
  15. Storytelling To Kids: Ensures you are spending time with your kids and pass on the knowledge you received from your parents.
  16. Reading Your Favorite Book: Helps you understand so many things.
  17. Meeting Old Friends On The Go: Who else can remind of all those mischief and blunders?
  18. Finding Money in Old Jeans: May be that’s what we call magic!
  19. Food Cooked By Mother: Divine!
  20. Hugging Your Parents: Telling them whatever you are today and wherever you have reached, it’s only because of their hard work.
  21. To Listen Parents Childhood Stories From Their Friends: It’ll make you rolling over the floor laughing. And tell you how naughty/humorous they were at their young age.
  22. Spending Time With Old Buddies: Connect to your past.
  23. Spending Time Following Your Passion: For me it’s bird photography and playing Alghoza. It helps overcome anxiety and there are a number of lessons I have learnt from bird watching. Click here to learn lessons from bird watching.
  24. A Joke From Little Ones: Helps forget the tensions and enjoy life.
  25. Visiting Your School/College: Gives a chance to return whatever you have learned to the future generations.
  26. Watching Full Moon: That wow feeling!!
  27. Experimenting While Cooking and Letting Your Wife Know About The New Recipe: An off from kitchen keeps wife happy.
  28. Season’s First Rain: That cool breeze and smell of freshness.
  29. Langar Sewa In A Gurudwara: Heavenly feeling!
  30. A Break From Your Routine: Gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself.
  31. Music You Love: Takes you to the other world, away from your sorrows. And if you can sing along that’s the icing on the cake.
  32. Going On a Long Drive: Helps exploring new areas.
  33. Dew Drops On Petals Of A Flower: Makes you enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.
  34. Watching/ Listening The Birds Chirping/ Singing: It could be mesmerizing.
  35. Massage: Relives from exertion.
  36. An Extended Weekend: One can’t ask for more these days than an extended weekend. It gives you enough time to finish all your pending work and go to some distant place away from noise and pollution and rejuvenate yourself with new energy.
  37. Your Status Message/ Tweet Getting Viral: Something everyone wants these days.
  38. Hand Written Letter: A rare feat these days as people prefer emails and other short messaging services. .
  39. Extending A Helping Hand: Sometimes your little help occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
  40. Let Your Spouse Pursue his/her Dreams: Makes the bond stronger and makes you proud of his/her achievements.

These are some of the little things I could figure out which make me happy. There could be many other things which can be added to the list. Make your list of little things which make you happy.