My First Step to Corporate Trainings

My first post on trainings was this one….on my marketing blog so I thought this shall be at the first place on my Trainings blog as well. More updates will follow soon….
Trainings – A First Hand Experience

Last week I got an opportunity through Yajnaa, to design and deliver a workshop at Ambuja Cements. The day was World No Tobacco Day i.e. the 31st of May. The topic was Alcohol & Tobacco – How to Quit? I had a week to plan and prepare. Homework was backed through a research project which I had done some 2 years back. The basic knowledge of the subject was there with me as the research was done thoroughly and in detail. The qualitative depth interviews done with the youth and with those rehabilitating at Divyasri, a Bangalore based Rehabilitation Centre made wonderful case studies and I added four of them.The base was there but I was required to work hard on it. For the reason it was the first opportunity and I wanted to give my best shot. Also the unrest for being resting from a month was another reason. The expectations and faith that was showed, the pressure to live up to them was another. But yes, also there was the refreshing excitement to try and successfully finish the exciting project at hand.

The Preparation –Reading: I believe that whatever task we take in hand we should be able to argue (politely) on that. The most important pre-requisite is to have detailed knowledge on the same. The ideas and understanding both should be there in ample, to argue and advocate.

Presentation: The way you present the data, facts and figures is important but the key to presentation is how interesting you make it. I made extra effort towards breaking the monotony in the presentation. For that after every 3 to 4 heavy slides there was an activity, a intriguing slide or an AV. Being a first timer, I was thinking from my own perspective, the experience of being a listener in heavy HR sessions or a workshop at workplace.My continuous effort was not to let my audience look at their watches after every while.Writing: This is the back up exercise. The last minute nervousness should not result in skipping the points. That was a major concern. So I made my copy of handout a notes copy for myself. That served as a quick revision for me during the breaks. And I was saved from missing some very critical points.

Discussion: Last in my preparation in discussions. I did discuss the entire concept and action plan with 2 people that always help. These discussions not only provide the second opinion on the entire effort but also trigger some more ideas which almost always result in bettering the entire preparation.
The Response-Whatever hard work we put in any project the best result we attain is in the form of response. I started getting the response from the first slide because the presentation demnded the audience to participate. I made them interact more and more. At time I was only the trigger to make them think and respond to the slides. By the lunch time, the workshop was in full swing, my audience which comprised of learned and few unprivileged was responding to me. That was my result, happy responding faces, wanting to discuss things, share experiences and stories.Their response to the activities was another reward.