Lessons I Learnt From My Parents

Parents are our first teachers and we learn so many lessons from them all our lives. It takes many years to earn the experience they accumulate in their lives. They are trees of wisdom and it is very important to preserve their wisdom and pass it on to the next generation. Their experience acts as a lighthouse for us and helps us to sail through many difficult situations in our lives. We all learn many lessons from my parents and then we pass on these to my kids. Following are the lessons I learnt from my parents:


Honesty is the jewel of a man and one should never leave this jewel for anything. Being honest means not to cheat, deceive, lie or steal in any way. Honest people are blessed with strength of character, peace of mind and self respect. Honest people are most loved and trusted by God.

Learn to Enjoy the Little:

Life is made up of small things and if you neglect to enjoy the little you have, you will miss the most in your life and someday you will realize how big those little things were. Happiness has nothing to do with luxuries and comforts of the world. Learn to be happy even when you have nothing or little.


Look back on the good and look forward to the future. Life has no meaning without hope.

Keep Calm:

Keep calm when in difficult situations and remember sound decision can be made only with sound mind and decisions made by disturbed mind are usually disturbed decisions.

Respect Elders:

It is our moral duty to respect our elders. Respect them not because we all are bound to grow old but because they have successfully completed their journey till this age. And not everyone reaches that stage. Old people may have special needs and we should be caring enough to take care of all those needs. Remember they are the only reason we are part of this world. Thank them for all they have done to make our lives better. Elders love to tell their stories and share their life experiences. Listen to them and even if they are repeating their stories listen as if you are listening for the first time. Your kind words and your helping hand can make their day. Blessings of elders can make miracles happen.

Pray Daily:

If you want to determine God’s will, you need to spend time with him. Prayer gives you an opportunity to open your heart to God and in turn God opens his heart to you. Prayer helps in changing our heart to be more like God’s and changes us inside out.

Work Hard:

There is no shortcut to success. Behind every success story there are hours and hours of hard work. If you are focused and work hard to achieve your goals then nothing is impossible.

Sometimes It Is Better To Be Quiet:

Moments of silence can sometimes be loudest of all. You silence may help to keep the relationship going. Ignore mistakes of others and never blame them for anything.

Master Your Subject:

It is always better to be master of one than jack of all. If you know your subject it will help you stand out of the crowd. When you know you have performed your duty expertly it gives you sense of achievement and helps you to be more efficient and productive. You can also motivate other to be master of their subjects.

Wake Up Early:

Waking up early helps you to manage your time in more efficient manner. Waking up early helps to exercise, explore nature’s beauty, develop a positive mental attitude, live a better family life, plan your day in more efficient manner and to be more happy. Sleep early and sleep for 7-8 hours a day.

Explore New Places:

Exploring new places is part of our innate curiosity. Never let this curiosity die. Exploring new places helps us with many life experiences as we not only see new places but also see others cultures and meet new people.

These are some of the lessons I learnt from my parents. Do share the lessons you have learnt from your parents.

May God Bless All.