Lessons from Mahabharata

Mahabharata is one of our Puranas and is considered to be an ocean of wisdom. Every story of the epic teaches us so many lessons. In this post I’ll share a story from the epic and Lessons from Mahabharata.

Here’s the Story:

After losing their kingdom to Kauravas in gambling Pandavas were forced to go and live in the forest. Lot of their friends including various Maharishis’ used to visit them. They found it very difficult to give them food. So Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, prayed the Surya Dev (The Sun God). He gave her one Akshaya Patra which would give any amount of food in a day, till Draupadi takes her food. With the Akshaya Patra the Pandavas were able to give food to all their guests.

The Kauravas wanted to trouble them further. They requested Maharishi Durvasa to visit Pandavas late in the night. Durvasa was very short tempered and used to curse people whenever he got annoyed. Durvasa reached Pandava’s’ camp in the forest after Draupadi had taken her food. Pandavas welcomed Maharishi Durvasa and asked him if he will have dinner and Maharishi Durvasa told them that he is yet to have dinner. Knowing there was no food at home, Pandavas requested Maharishi Durvasa to go and take bath in the river so that they can keep food ready.

Pandavas were very confused as they did not know what to do. If they tell him that they have already eaten food and there is nothing they can offer in Dinner, he could curse them. Draupadi prayed Lord Krishna for help. Lord Krishna came immediately. He said to Draupadi, “Sister, I am hungry, give me food.” Draupadi was confused and started crying. Lord Krishna asked her to bring Akshaya Patra. In the corner of the Akshaya Patra, one rice grain was sticking. Krishna took the rice, ate it and drank some water. He told Draupadi, “Thanks a lot, my stomach is now full”. He then went away. At that time Maharishi Durvasa was taking his bath. Suddenly he felt that his stomach was full. He was worried that he had made Pandavas cook food for him. He came and excused himself. Like this Lord Krishna solved the problem of Pandavas.

From that day onwards Hindu women don’t keep their chapati boxes empty as symbol of their faith in Lord Krishna, believing if they ever get caught in such a situation then Lord Krishna will come for their rescue.

You must be wondering why am I sharing this story of Pandavas and Maharishi Durvasa with you, as neither of us, under any circumstances, is going to live in the forest and nor will have guests, like Maharishi Durvasa, with the power to curse.

There is certainly no formula to a Happy Life but there is certainly a will to stay happy and some lessons that would make life much easier. The above story brought to me so many inferences, read out if you can relate and learn:

  1. Kauravas were Pandavas’ enemies still Pandavas were ignorant about their strategy. Never let your competitors to be out of your sight and don’t give them a chance to trouble/hurt you when you are unarmed.
  2. We may have all the luxuries like Akshaya Patra but If we don’t save for our future, we’ll definitely end up facing difficulties/curses in our lives. Save something for future on daily basis.
  3. Maharishi Durvasa was very shot tempered but Pandavas engaged him and sent him to take bath.< It’s very easy to manage difficult people by engaging them.
  4. Though Pandavas didn’t had any food for Maharishi Durvasa, still they didn’t tell this to him. Listening is the most difficult task on the earth; learn to be calm in difficulty.
  5. Pandavas sent Maharishi Durvasa to take bath so that they can arrange for the food. Timing of your action is most important. Buy time in case of emergency and never take decisions in haste.
  6. We need to have such good friends, like Lord Krishna, who can save us from difficulties. Invest in relationships.
  7. Though Pandavas were forced to live in forest still they kept on meeting/inviting their friends and various sages. Don’t let your relationships perish with time. Keep in touch with old buddies and friends.
  8. As Draupadi used to be last one to eat food ensure you don’t use/consume all resources at one go.
  9. Trust your friends like Draupadi trusted Lord Krishna. Don’t hide things from people you trust.
  10. If you are right & truthful God himself will come for help. Never lose hope.

Choose Happiness. It’s a way of life.