Indian Education System – A Real Concern!

A lot is been said & discussed on the Indian education system after the very popular 3 idiots. But my post certainly is not around just the concerns raised about the pressure created over the students by the best of internationally renowned institutions. Recently, 44 deemed universities have been de-recognized and the newspapers say, almost 2,00,000 students will bear the brunch.Most of these are marked as money making with lacunae ranging from infrastructure, facilitators; their expertise in the programs offered etc, the system is collapsing with so many private institutions making their way to become the Alma Maters for lakhs of students.

The students are being disguised on various levels, graduation, post-graduation, M.Phil, Doctorate etc. Now what worries me is – Is that too a lacunae in the system that students get to enroll themselves in such institutes without prior check on the backgrounds? I mean not those who are enrolling for the post graduate programs.What made me write about this issue is a simple help I was asked for and decided to offer to an Aspiring Manager. Yeah, it’s again about the management schools- Oh! There are a number of them and I have been writing about this earlier also. Read that here.

Anyways, the reason what intrigued me was the kind of study material provided by the B-schools. The pedagogy they follow and more then that the way they expect to create future managers. I myself have studied at a B-school and that’s the reason why I get worried when I discover the prevailing loopholes in management education. Some of the major problems:- The methodology of imparting knowledge.

– Complete Ignorance to experiential learning.

– Pedagogy – Do they know the purpose of them being the facilitators?

– Course Material – Management seems to be a synopsis of study material of +1 to graduation.

– Case Methodology – Are we even in the process of incorporating the same? Do we know the significance?

– Examination Pattern – This too is a great cause of failure of the B-school system. Students are not even aware of what is the application of knowledge. Most of the B-schools are still offering the knowledge & not the skill set which enables application of that knowledge.

Nevertheless, these are just the instant observations i could made. I am sure there is still a lot to say & more to do about this.